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  Suqian ADK Composites Co., Ltd was first established in Nanjing in July 2004, and was invested in may 2008 by Sihong town government in Suqian, Jiangsu province to construct a plant in Qingyang industrial district of Sihong Economic Development Zone. The company is mainly engaged in the secondary processing of carbon fiber sport equipment with epoxy resin and the production of  high-grade carbon fiber badminton racket. Our company is the only professional badminton racket manufacturer in China that has the ability to research and develop epoxy resin applying to carbon fiber composite material.
  The company early specialized in the secondary processing of epoxy resin and curing agent and had extensive experience and outstanding research in fiber prepreg(carbon fiber /fiberglass) epoxy resin. Our products are widely applied in carbon fiber composite products such as rackets, bicycles, golf clubs, hockey sticks, alpenstocks, performing functions in fiber prepreg/enhanced, structural reinforcement and bonded fixed.
  In May 2009, the company built the professional line of carbon fiber badminton racket, and started to produce badminton racket for the world famous brands. The company focused on high-grade carbon fiber badminton racket. Epoxy resin is the essential matrix resin in producing carbon fiber badminton racket, and plays an important role in temperature resistance of rackets, toughness and handle. Our company is capable of researching and designing formula of epoxy resin, and has already developed a series of epoxy resin formula according to the different demands of our customers. Unique resin formulations used in badminton racket make our products more excellent and unique.
  As an enterprise with a high degree of social responsibility, our company is dedicated to the study of carbon fiber applied in badminton racket. Our production skill reaches international advanced level, and some technical properties such as racket rigidity, torque force and ball control performance have reached YONNEX level. The productions are of good quality, with core technology which is hard to copy and imitate.
  The company develops a range of appropriate ergonomic, high strength, comfortable handle, and high rigidity badminton products. We look forward to bringing security, health, surprises, dreams and sensation to badminton enthusiasts and providing products and services for the world badminton racket sports brands.

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